From Concept to Click, Your Ul UX Journey Starts Here

Starts : 1st July, 2024
Duration : 1 month
Eligibility : 9th to 12th class Students and Working Professionals
Fee : Rs 3000/-
Mode : Online



"Level Up Your Skills: Fast-track Your Game Art Journey with Our Course!"

"Gen AI Enabled"

Starts : 1st July, 2024
Duration : 1 month
Eligibility : 9th to 12th class Students and Working Professionals
Fee : Rs 5000/-
Mode : Online



"Innovate, Create, Inspire, Shape the Future of Design"

"Gen AI Enabled"

Starts : 1st July, 2024
Duration : 1 month
Eligibility : 9th to 12th class Students and Working Professionals
Fee : Rs 3000/-
Mode Online



" Draw Your Way to the Runway "

Starts : 1st July, 2024
Duration : 1 month
Eligibility : 9th to 12th class Students and Working Professionals
Fee : Rs 2000/-
Mode : Online



Brush Up Your Skills, Elevate Your Art with Digital Painting

Starts : 1st July, 2024
Duration : 1 month
Eligibility : 9th to 12th class Students and Working Professionals
Fee : Rs 2000/-
Mode : Online

Admissions Open

Admission Open for 2024 in NSDC courses

Entrance Exam Date for BFA will be announced soon

Govt. Recognized Degree, Diploma and Certificate Courses

NSDC Specialization Certificate courses in Animation, Visual effects and Game design

Learn from Industry Experts

About Career Design School -

Govt. Recognized Animation & VFX Courses in Bhopal

Career Design School is among the top animation colleges in Bhopal offering futuristic, career-focused courses in 2D, 3D Animation, and VFX.


Our animation programs can be pursued by students who have passed Class XII for degree and Diploma Courses and a student can enter as early as in 9th for NSDC certification, who want to sharpen their creative and professional skills.
With our government-recognized degree and diploma courses you will gain a competitive advantage in the market. With NSDC certification in Animation, VFX and Game Design, you have an edge over other aspirants in the market as NSDC certification in Animation, VFX and Game Design is validated by major studios in India and helps you get the job quickly in the market.
If you’re looking for the best 2D/3D Animation, VFX and Game Design Courses in Bhopal, come, visit our college and discover for yourself that you can gain from being part of our world-class animation community.
Career Group of Institutions has successfully completed 50+ years in Bhopal, as one of the most trusted and top-ranked education groups in Madhya Pradesh (M.P.).

BFA Animation NSDC Courses
University Courses

Raja Man Singh Tomar University, Gwalior

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation from Raja Mansingh Tomar University, Gwalior (India), has a number of advantages. Some of these advantages are:

Career prospects

Graduates of the BFA in Animation programme are well-prepared to work as an animator, animation director, compositor or character designer in the animation industry.

Training in-person

Students receives in-person instruction in animation softwares and techniques as part of the curriculum, enabling them to acquire the skills and knowledge required to work in the field.

Expertise of the faculty

The curriculum is taught by experienced professionals of the animation business who can offer students insightful advice and mentorship.

Opportunities for networking

Students studying at institutions affiliated with Raja Mansingh Tomar University have the chance to connect with other artists and industry professionals.

Strong foundation in art and design

The programmes at Raja Mansingh Tomar University facilitates students with strong art and design foundation, which can be helpful for a variety of occupations in the creative business.

You can also do Diploma and Certificate in Animation from Raja Mansingh Tomar University at Career Design School. To read more about the Program and its curriculum click on the button below :

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Why Us

Why choose Career Design School

Career design School

Real-World Experts

Career design School

Amazing Campus

Career design School

Latest Tools & Advanced Curriculum

Career design School

Earn while You Learn

Career design School

Award-Winning IPs

Career design School

Lucrative Placements

Why Learn Animation?

Career design School Flexibility & freedom

Whether you want to land your dream job in the booming media and entertainment industry or want to set up your own studio and become an entrepreneur, getting an animation degree will give you control and freedom over how and where you want to work.

Career design School More job opportunities

The global animation market is expected to reach around $642.5 bn by 2030. Disney, Pixar, and all the other animation studios are also recruiting a record-high number of animators (Disney has over 600 employees including animators, storyboard artists etc.). A typical animation movie in Hollywood needs around 500 animators to be made.

Career design School Higher salary potential

A high salary is the most lucrative part of this profession. As an animator you can earn upto ₹8 LPA in India depending on your expertise. So, come, maximize your creative talents with industry-relevant animation skills and get off to a blockbuster career path in animation.

Other Courses

NSDC Certificates and Diploma Courses

BFA Degree In  Animation

Essential Diploma in Game Design (24 months)

Learn to develop games from scratch for PC and Console. This is an intensive course focused on all round development of games. ... Learn to create assets, large environments, character animations and create logics using Blueprint and C++.
Software covered: Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal, Blueprint, C++, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Substance Painter, Z-brush, Audition, Quixel, Gaega, MotionBuilder.

Diploma In  Animation

Advance Diploma in mobile Gaming: (24 months)

In this course you will start your journey into mobile game development from basics to advance. ... You’ll not only learn how to build a mobile game for Android and iOS, but also explore touch-based mechanics – an essential element of any mobile game. By the end, you will have a strong foundation of mobile game development and pursue new career opportunities.
Softwares Covered: Blender, Unreal, Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator, C++, C# Sharp, Substance Painter, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Quixel, Audition.

Certificate In  Animation

Diploma in Visual Effects and 3d animation (30 months)

Visual effects is an exciting field where no two days are the same! Launch your career with our industry mentors ... who will walk you through the entire VFX production process step-by-step, give you plenty of hands-on experience, plus the confidence and job skills to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.
Softwares covered: Maya, Blender, Houdini, Mel, Scripting, Python, Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Painter, Z-brush, After Effects, Premiere, Audition, Fusion, Nuke, Pf-track, Mocha, SYntheyes, Vray, Renderman, Arnold.

Certificate In  Animation

Professional Diploma in Front End Development (15 months)

Engage in top notch curriculum, assessments and projects to enhance your skills ... and become industry ready. Become familiar with the developer tools and IDEs used by web programmers. Manage and version control your projects with Git and GitHub.
Softwares covered: Ui/Ux, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Indesign, Figma, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, Premiere, GitHub.

BFA Degree In  Animation

Diploma in Architectural Visualization (12 months)

Architectural visualization helps architects and designers work collaboratively and communicate ideas more efficiently. ... This course, regardless of your industry background, will share basics to advance concepts of Architectural Visualization.
Softwares Covered: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition, 3ds max, Sketchup, Lumion, Vray.

Diploma In  Animation

Diploma in 2d Animation (12 months)

In this course you will start your journey from basic to advanced. You will learn how to draw 2d basic shapes, prop design, ... design character, 2d environment, storyboarding, animatics, tracing & rigging, props animation, character animation, 2d FX, scene compositing, lip-sync with characters. By the end of this course, you have a strong foundation in 2d animation.
Software covered - Animate cc, ToonBoom Harmony , After effects , photoshop & Illustrator.

Certificate In  Animation

Diploma in Motion Graphics (18 months)

Get your hands on 2d and 3d motion graphics with the state-of-the-art industry tools. ...
Softwares Covered: Photoshop, 3ds max, Cinema 4D, After Effects, V-ray, Arnold, Premiere, Audition.

Certificate In  Animation

Diploma in Compositing and Editing (15 months)

Software Covered: Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Nuke, Fusion, Premiere, Mocha, Pf-track, After Effects, Audition.

Short Term Courses

Certificate in Ui/Ux (Foundation) – 10 Days

Topics Covered: Ux process, Ui elements design in Figma, Design System, Components and Prototyping, animations, Graphics designing.
Software Covered: Figma, Illustrator

Motion Graphics for Digital Platforms (4 weeks)

Topics Covered: Graphics designing, learn to animate graphics in After Effects, different techniques, video formats, syncing animation with sound, rendering.
Software Covered: After Effects, Illustrator

Introduction to Web Design and Development (6 weeks)

Topics Covered: Graphics Designing, HTML and CSS Fundamentals, responsive pages, plan and create a responsive landing page with menus.
Software Covered: Illustrator, HTML, CSS

Certificate in Filmmaking (6 months)

Topics Covered: Drawings basics, anatomy, colors and shading, script writing, storyboarding, animatics, posters design, cinematography, video and sound editing, compositing and vfx.
Software Covered: Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Photoshop.

Certificate in Motion Design and 2d animation (6 months)

Topics Covered: Designing characters, rigging and animation in After Effects, Project
Software Covered: After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Tools and Software

Are you interested in creating the next big hit animation movie, viral videos or exciting video games? The first step is mastering the right tools.
While the degree, diploma and certificate will boost your confidence, help you secure jobs and promotions, the hands-on experience with the latest animation tools and software will provide you with specialized knowledge to get ahead in your industry.

Career design School


Career design School


Career design School

Autodesk Maya

Career design School


Career design School


Career design School

Davinci Resolve

Career design School

After Effect

Career design School


Career design School


Career design School

Cinema 4D

Career design School

3DS Max

Career design School


Career design School


Career design School


Career design School


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Career design School


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Career Design School Animation Courses

Animation is the technique of making drawings or pictures look like they are moving using some special software. Did you love watching Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry or Duck Tales as a child? They were all works of Animation.
On the other hand, VFX means Video Effects. Have you seen heroes in movies jumping off big cliffs or cars veering off moving up into the air? That’s where VFX has been used. VFX is the process in which real videos are mixed with visual effects to show unbelievable stunts or to enhance the storytelling.
Both Animation and VFX are popular undergraduate options for Class 12 students. If you have these skills, a booming market is waiting for you with lots of job opportunities.

Yes, absolutely!

  • Animated movies from big studios like Pixar, Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon are breaking all records as blockbuster hits.
  • Indian movies with visual effects (VFX) like Brahmastra, Bahubali Series, Krrish, Ra One have sizzled at the box office.
  • With the rise of Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video etc. animation has become one of the biggest global trends.
  • Kids’ content with original IPs are very successful on TV and streaming platforms.
  • 5G will bring in more ultra-high-definition TVs, tablets and smartphones making streaming 4K resolution videos easier. This will lead to higher demand for high-quality animated content.
  • Animation is also being used as a tool in marketing, advertising and education. So, today young animators are getting their dream jobs in the best companies.

In traditional 2D animation, hand-drawn sketches and drawings were used, in every frame. In 3D animation, you can bring your character or object to life using a 3D animation software. So, if you want to get into 3D animation, you don't need to be a drawing expert to be a great animator. You have to learn to use the right tools. Knowing how to draw will surely help you as an animator, especially when you're creating storyboards, but you don't have to create very detailed, difficult drawings.
But of course if you have nice drawing skills, that’s an extra advantage and you can have the option to create wonderful hand-drawn animated movies.


The candidate should have passed 12th from any recognized board or institution to start a career in animation. Career Design School will enroll students on the basis of their aggregate marks in board exams. Students in the final year of their examination (class XII) can also apply in advance.

By enrolling at Career Design School, Bhopal, you get to learn from industry experts. This venture will be enriched by Manish Rajoria’s experience as the producer of Purple Turtle (52×7’ 2D-HD), the animation series now being aired on Discovery Kids MENA, which he co-produced with Telegael (Ireland) and Cyber Group Studios (France, USA).
Career Design School will also leverage the experience and expertise of Mrs. Swati Rajoria, the creative director of the Purple Turtle animation series. Every faculty member at Career Design School, Bhopal has an industry experience of over 10 years.
Moreover, we provide earning opportunities to the students while they are learning animation at CDS. With Internationally recognized govt. approved programs, students will be transformed into competent, qualified animators, ready to enter and make a mark in the animation industry.

Placement assistance is provided to all the candidates enrolled at Career Design School on successful completion of their programs. Career Design School animation programs are career-focused and job-oriented right from the start. The moment you step into the centre, we see your potential and begin to inculcate hands-on skills and knowledge that will help you throughout your professional career. While studying here, you can also work simultaneously on our live projects which will boost your marketability and will make you a more desirable candidate to your future employers.

The course fees depend on the duration and level of the program. Generally the animation courses fees range from INR 15,000 to INR 5,30,000.

Different animation courses have different requirements and opportunities. A full-length BFA course is more formal and will give you a solid academic foundation upon which you can securely build the career you want. On the other hand, short-term certificates are cost-effective and will provide students with practical skills needed for certain job positions within the short span of a year. A two year-diploma is more useful than a one year certificate course in terms of the breadth of topics, concepts and tools it covers.
Many students choose to pursue a short-term course simultaneously with the main course to reap the most benefits from their programs.

Learning new skills and adding a new govt. recognized diploma/certificate to the resume is a great way to grow your career and to expect salary increases. You can study part time by flexibly taking up a program in animation.